•  All lessons are based on K-8 Common Core State Standards (CCSS)! 
미국주 에서 인정 받은 교습!
  • No Travel Necessary. Your child can log on from anywhere! 
어디서나 로그인!
  • Private face-to-face sessions 
개인 화상 수업!
  • On Screen Interactive Activities
화면을 통해서 활동적인 학습!
  • Offline Study Assignments
오프라인 복습!
  • Parents can join and observe sessions! 
학부모 참여 환영! 

What is Reading Camp?

Review and prepare for the upcoming school year!

Improve Reading Comprehension and Fluency! 
4 Week Program
35 minute 1:1 Sessions
Twice a week
CCSS aligned lessons
Fun, interactive activities online and offline! 

Why Online Camp? 

Parents, you don't have to plan your summer schedule around your child's lessons. They can log on from anywhere as long as they have internet connection!

 Fluency Strategies for success in school. CCSS aligned lessons. 

Private 1:1 or Group 1:2 
35 minute sessions
2-3 times a week
Customized Lessons
Online & Offline Activities

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