Digital Paperless Vocabulary Organizer

Ice Cream, Ice Cream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!
I just uploaded my newest product - an ice cream themed vocabulary graphic organizer. It's all digital, paperless and interactive.

I always try to get my students to identify the part of speech of a new word and also to understand how the word looks in different forms.  So how this organizer works is the first space is for the student to identify the part of speech, then the second part is for the definition. On the Google Slide, there will be a link they can click to access an online dictionary, and after looking up the word, they have a chance to practice using the word in a sentence. The final step is for the student to find a picture that relates to the word. This is based on the their imagination, so if it's an adjective like "sweaty" students can insert an image of a sweaty runner or anything else that helps the them remember the word.

I love the idea of having a vocabulary organizer that's digital and paperless for these reasons:

- Easy access. It's like carrying around index cards in your pocket (Yes...index cards, cause back in the day that's what we used to study.) ready for you to take out anytime you want to study them. You see, this organizer can be duplicated as many times as necessary - so the more words the better. Student can keep building new words on it and make an extensive list. Then, it saves automatically for them on Google Slides. Anytime they need to access it, they just go to Slides, and they can find it there.

-Infuse Technology. I'm always a BIG advocate for technology. This is a simple, short but sweet way of integrating technology into learning!

-Optional Traditional Version. It's still possible to print it out and use it as a worksheet too, which works perfect for those who want to have something that's a little more tangible.

-Practice during the summer. My plan is to use it this summer, since what better time is there than the summer months to spend building your vocabulary?! I chose the ice cream theme cause I'm sure at some point I will be talking about ice cream cause it's summer...and it's hot...and I love ice cream. ;)

Get your copy today, you can find it in my store!

This is part of the Ice Cream Around the World Reading lesson I have included in my Summer Reading pack - digital version that I'll be uploading pretty soon here. Stay tuned!

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